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Africa communications specialist, entrepreneur, blogger, mother, cultural observer, lover of life and of the continent that birthed Mandela, Nkrumah, Nyerere... I blog about my cultural and spiritual observations of an often-lopsided world, and the dynamics of communications in Africa.

Why Africans Should Speak Up When the Continent’s Narrative Is at Stake

An unbalanced, ill-researched narrative of Africa is dangerous, and perpetuates racism and misunderstanding of what is a very complex continent with a complex history. This is an invitation to fellow Africans to object when the facts about our continent are misconstrued or debauched, and an opportunity to start a dialogue- a two-way conversation with those of our Western counterparts who insist on getting it wrong. Continue reading

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Overcoming Destination Addiction

Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are. Continue reading

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Inviting the SpongeBob Generation to the Archives of African History

African children continue to learn about their history, about themselves, by watching TV or in school, ingesting a curriculum that does not reflect their true selves, shaped by someone else’s history. Continue reading

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A Clash of Cultures: Africans in America

Four stages of integration occur when two different cultures are made to co-exist. The first stage is culture contact, when the two cultures are first introduced to each other, and they begin to become aware of each other’s differences.  The … Continue reading

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Impact of Unbalanced News Coverage of Africa on Africans in the US (Intro)

A few years ago, as a student at NYU, I wrote a paper on the impact of the negative coverage of Africa in the US news media on Africans living in the US. Some things have changed since then, but … Continue reading

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Jogging, sun salutations and meditation at sunrise in Senghor’s country- Dakar

Jogging, sun salutations and meditation at sunrise in Senghor’s country- Dakar Continue reading

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We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For

We’re starting to wake up to the reality that we can only really count on ourselves, the people. If we don’t take action, nobody else will. Continue reading

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